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Endotoxin Removal from Product (API)
Our membrane products are used to reduce endotoxins in process water and pharmaceutical products. Hollow fiber membranes are used for ultra-pure water and our spiral products are used for a variety of in-process streams.

Ideal for:
• Post RO/DI
• Process Water

Pharmaceutical Water
Our hollow fiber products are used in a wide range of products ensuring that the highest quality water is available for the most demanding applications.

Ideal for:
• Post RO/DI
• Water for Injection
• Purified Water

Human Blood Products
Our membranes can be used for the purification, concentration and fractionation of human blood components.

Ideal for:
• Immunoglobulin Concentration
• Albumin Concentration

Vaccine Production
Our membrane products are used to clarify and concentrate vaccines for both human and animal applications.

Ideal for:
• Downstream Processing
• Viral Antigen Concentration
• Bacterial Antigen Concentration