Oil, gas, mining and metals

Areas of operation Oil, gas, mining and metals

Amine Purification 
Our amine purification solution effectively removes heat stable salts (HSS) for improved absorber performance, reduced equipment corrosion, and fewer amine purchases.

Ideal for:
• Carbon Capture
• Steel Plants
• Cement Plants
• Coal Gasification
• Hydrogen Plants

The oil & gas industry relies heavily on high-quality process water throughout its operations. Our pretreatment solutions include filtration and water softening of feed streams to steam generators and boilers to reduce oil and suspended solids content, providing significant improvements to downstream processes.

Ideal for:
• Refineries
• Petrochemical Plants
• Natural Gas Processing Plants

Hydrogen Sulfide Removal
Configured with either a single or dual contactor tank, our systems can accommodate operations with varying feed gas compositions. Consistent performance is achieved in a continuous and reliable operation without any plugging, fouling, or foaming.

Ideal for:

• Municipal & Industrial Wastewater Treatment Plants
• Landfill Gas
• Agriculture
• Food & Beverage Processing
• Industrial Processing
• Pulp & Paper Mills
• Sweep Air
• Associated Gas
• Renewable Natural Gas

Heavy Metal Removal
Our filtration and separation solutions for heavy metal wastewater producing industries produce filtrate for recovery and recycle back to the plant, or for direct discharge to drain, while concentrating precipitated metals to meet discharge regulations and reduce hauling costs. Filtrate from membranes is substantially lower in concentration of metals and is significantly more consistent in quality versus conventional gravity separations, with the membrane itself being a true physical barrier. Wastewaters from these industries can be a challenge, but with the application of the correct membrane configurations and our installation experience your problem is solved.

Ideal for:
• Primary Metal Plants
• Metalworking Operations
• Machining Operations
• Stamping and Rolling Operations
• Plating Facilities

Salt Separation 
Our salt separation unit selectively removes chloride from sulfate and carbonate using a specialized ion exchange resin. The system operates on a loading step and elution step to effectively remove salt with a counter-current water wash, which removes chloride and returns resin to its original state.

Ideal for:
• Chemical leaching process

Biogas And Sour Gas 
Biogas is often times contaminated with highly corrosive levels of hydrogen sulfide (H2S). Our partners from KOCH developed a gas contactor system to scrub biogas and sour gas for the removal of H2S and other particulate matter as it is being produced. Through our patented, high-efficiency gas-liquid contacting process, H2S is absorbed and the gas is purified for reuse in power generation, cogeneration, and heating applications.

Electrorefining and electrowinning operations for high-purity copper production are susceptible to elevated levels of metal impurities and contaminated acid bleed streams. Our technologies control impurity levels to ensure efficient production and consistent, high-purity product. Acid bleed streams are also purified and recycled back into the process to improve overall process economics.

Ideal for:
 • Copper refinerie