Dealcoholisation and solvent recovery

Areas of operation Dealcoholisation and solvent recovery

Since in most cases these are unique, “tailor made” solutions, a project usually begins with discussions with the client about his requirements and needs, when we determine the task to be solved. As boundary conditions in solvent extraction systems always vary according to solvent type, concentration temperatures, local conditions, etc., we usually start with a concept or basic engineering to develop a »tailor-made« solution and a concept of the system solution for this specific requirement. Based on this document, we prepare our for the supply of a custom designed solvent recovery device.

Thermal Separation
1. evaporation (MVC, TVC, MSF, MED)
2. distillation/rectification (single or multi-stage)
Heat recovery, energy efficiency of the process, increase of product efficiency and reduction of waste streams, as well as high quality of production are always taken into account.

Typical Scope Of Delivery:
 • Engineering
• Supply of equipment (appliances, heat exchangers, pumps, valves, measuring equipment, MCC, PCS, etc.)
• Supply of steel structure (optional)
• Mechanical and electrical installation on site (optional) or frame mounting
• Supervision of mechanical and electrical installations
• Commissioning and start-up

Typical Applications:
 • NMP/DMAc recovery with pre-concentration (MVC) and distillation/rectification
• Recovery of various solvents (e.g. ethanol, 2-propanol…) by thermal separation (evaporation, distillation/ rectification)