Areas of operation

At the Partikless Company, we are committed to excellence in all areas of operation.

During the development of the Company, we specialized in the preparation of process and wastewater treatment. An essential area of our work is therefore environment. With our offer we want to satisfy those customers who are looking for and demanding top quality and sustainable solutions.

Among other things, we work with renowned manufacturers of liquid filters and filter housings, which are renowned for the high quality of their products. Our partners have a wide range of various filters and are renowned for fast order processing and delivery. The offer of filters includes all types of candle filters (depth, pleated, membranes), carbon filters, filter capsules, bag filters…

Pharma & Life sciences

Our highly specialized membranes are successfully replacing centrifugation, extraction, and rotary vacuum filters in the pharmaceutical market. We supply life science filtration technologies that concentrate, purify, and clarify select compounds cost-effectively, allowing high product yield and purity. These next-generation separation processes also filter biochemicals and biomaterials for food and feed ingredients.


In the electro-coating process for applying water-soluble paints on automobiles and other metal products, our filtration systems recover more than 99% of paint resin and pigments, dramatically improving process efficiency and reducing waste. Working closely with manufacturers to understand their processes, we have pioneered solutions for improved cost-efficiency and performance. Our ultrafiltration and nanofiltration membranes for anodic and cathodic electro-coat paint can decrease deionized water consumption, reduce wastewater, improve paint solids recovery, control paint bath conductivity and potentially limit defects.

Food industry

Maintaining a balance between creating high quality dairy ingredients while maintaining a low production cost can be challenging. Our line of membrane products utilize a blister resistant design and crossflow filtration technology to improve energy efficiency, reduce operating costs, increase productivity and decrease contamination risk. Our membranes are constructed to tolerate harsh cleaning requirements extending their operating life and optimizing every step of dairy membrane processing.

Water and waste water

Our advanced technologies meet stringent water quality standards and can treat water from a variety of sources including – but not limited to – ground water, surface water, seawater, and brackish water. Our solutions are cost-effective and reduce labor, energy, and cleaning chemical requirements, while removing turbidity, suspended solids, viruses and bacteria, silt, and metals.

Oil, gas, mining and metals

Oil & gas refineries and plants face a variety of obstacles in creating an efficient and cost-effective operation. Mining and metals refining are resource-intensive operations with high capital and operating expenses.

Air filtration

Air. It’s everywhere. In our homes. Our workplaces. Hospitals. Schools. It’s what makes our lives possible. But billions of unseen particles are floating around us at any given moment – affecting our health, how well we breathe, the instruments that operate our facilities and the products we produce.

General industrial

At Partikless, we recognize the growing need for streamlined process operations and water and wastewater treatment across industrial applications. Our portfolio of separation technologies is backed by decades of experience and our firm commitment to innovation, bringing purification, recovery, and reuse solutions within reach to our customers. From metalworking to manufacturing, our technologies can be applied to tackle the toughest industrial challenges.

Dealcoholisation and solvent recovery

Partikless offers advanced process know-how and specific expertise for the effective removal of alcohol to breweries and other beverage producers so they can reach near zero percent alcohol content in beer, wine, and cider. With the design and supply of columns including Montz unique BSH packing and high performance distribution systems, and through a technology that removes alcohol at low temperature levels while treating beer and wine gently, Montz solutions can guarantee alcohol levels below 0.01% vol. This gentle treatment of beer and wine results in a product that retains its natural aroma and taste.